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the military. The 800-year-old ▓ancient town of Lijiang is celebrating the 80th birthday of t

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nese Academy of Sciences (CAS) was established in November 1949, and in the 1960s, the

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raditional music enthusiast - Xu▓an Ke. He has dedicated his whole life to the protec

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tion and promotion of the ancient Naxi music. ▓The indigenous Naxi music in southwest

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China's Yunnan province has a history of seven hundred years. Naxi music was once

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only a local phenomenon.▓ But it was brought to worldwide recognition by Xuan Ke -

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ion's scientific research institutions increased to over 1,600, covering a wide rang
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  •  After experiencing the 10-year turmoil of the "cultural revolution,"▓ China's poli
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- a Yunnan born and br▓ed music ethnologist. Xuan Ke founded the Naxi Orc

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